Did you know?

We also do endorsements for people with a current pilot licence including:
• Night rating
• Retractable undercarriage
• Constant speed
• Instrument flight rules
• Commercial

At the top of its class

“Learning how to become a pilot, by sitting at the controls and pursuing what for many have been childhood dreams, can improve not only what skills you have, but also your opportunities and outlook on life.

Being a pilot gives you a different view of the world. Everything and everywhere seems accessible and of course the practical benefits are that you develop a different way to travel, which can open up all sorts of business and lifestyle opportunities. Many people who have trained with Wimmera Aero Club have gone on to become successful pilots.”


Our training aircraft

We have the first night-rated SportStar in Australia, which means student pilots can add a night-flying endorsement to their Private Pilot Licence. The club also has an exceptional safety record under Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) guidelines.

We also have other aircraft available for hire to licenced pilots.

Who can fly?

There is no minimum age to start training. The minimum age to fly solo is 16, provided the pilot has met all medical and statutory requirements for a Student Pilot Licence. English average reading and writing skills are essential. Pilots must be at least 17 to gain a Private Pilot Licence and 18 to gain a Commercial Licence. Formal education requirements are unnecessary to start training but any maths or science experience is of value for Commercial Licence students.

The first step

Trial introductory flights can help you decide if you want to train to become a pilot. You can have a closer look at our aeroplane and its controls, then hit the skies in a 30-minute flight. You sit in the pilot’s seat and have the opportunity to take the controls under supervision. 


Flying training evolves in three stages. The Student Licence, covering the basics, the GFPT or restricted private licence, then the Private Pilot Licence, PPL. Wimmera Aero Club also offers advanced training up to airline standard.

CASA website www.casa.gov.au